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The deadline is approaching fast! This is your chance to apply for exciting project.  Follow the link to the homepage ( or to the application page (

At this year's Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry meeting in Vienna, organized by the German Chemical Society (GDCh), Tonia Kirschner from the Rauh group was honored with an award for her poster presentation.

Ms. Kirschner presented her results on novel covalent inhibitors for the KRas G13C mutant, which is relevant in cancer development and remains largely unexplored. Within their previous PhD work, structure-based drug design was used to obtain small molecule compounds that bind for the first time into the allosteric switch-II pocket of KRas G13C and react covalently with the cysteine residue.

The annual international symposium provides exchange for academia and industry on recent developments, new approaches and cutting-edge technologies in the field of medicinal chemistry and drug discovery.

Job opening for two postdoctoral positions at the TU Dortmund University, Dortmund, Germany.

The lab of Daniel Rauh at the TU Dortmund University (Lab Website, Twitter) is currently looking for two post-doctoral fellows to join our team. The positions are available immediately, initially for 1 year, but with the possibility of further extension until 2026. Payment and benefits are based on the TVöD (wage agreement for public service personnel) guidelines (100 %, EG 13 or 14 TV-L – depending on prior experience).

We are looking for experts in protein expression in insect and mammalian cells as well as in structural determination via protein X-ray crystallography and cryoEM. The projects will deal with the expression, purification, and structural characterization of receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs) and the effect of mutations and drug resistance in cancer. Successful candidates will be highly motivated to succeed, able to think critically, and can work both independently and collaboratively. Good verbal and written communication skills are essential.

To better understand acquired resistance and develop more effective inhibitors, the Rauh Lab employs multiple techniques such as protein X-ray crystallography, structure-based design, organic synthesis, and biochemical and cellular compound screening. Moreover, we strive to narrow the gap between academic research and practical pharmaceutical applications. In case you are interested in the advertised position, please send the usual documents (CV, a short description of your prior experience and motivation, as well as contact information of 2 referees in a single pdf file to, and don`t hesitate to contact me in case of questions.

Daniel Rauh