Janina Niggenaber, Dr. rer. nat.

Position: Postdoc

Room no.: CP-02-114

Telephone no.: +49 231 755 7052

Member of the group since: 12/2017

University degree: Dr. rer. nat. in Chemical Biology, TU Dortmund University


Expertise: protein expression, purification and crystallization

Off-Lab activities (hobbies): music, playing guitar, meeting friends

Research projects:

Mutants of the ErbB receptor tyrosine kinase family, such as EGFR-T790M, EGFR-C797S and also the insertion mutants of EGFR and HER2, play important roles in the development of NSCLC. Therefore, these proteins are attractive targets in the targeted therapy, which demonstrate a alternative treatment in addition to chemotherapy. The main aim of the medicinal chemistry is the development of effective small molecules to inhibit these cancer-relevant mutants. For the structure-based design approach the protein crystallization represents the most important step of the structure determination. The gained knowledge about the binding mode and the orientation in the binding pocket forms the basis for the iterative development cycle of this inhibitors.


Earlier positions:

Bachelor and Master studies in the group of Daniel Rauh based on protein expression, purification and crystallization




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