Sven Brandherm, M. Sc.

Position: PhD Student

Room no.: CP-02-111

Telephone no.: +49 231 755 7054

Member of the group since: 03/2018

University Degree: M.Sc. in Chemical Biology, TU Dortmund University


Expertise: organic synthesis, structure-based drug design, DNA-encoded chemistry, library synthesis

Off-Lab activities (hobbies): music: concerts and vinyl, motorcycles/choppers: riding and wrenching, fishing

Research projects:

The epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR), a receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK) from the ErbB receptor family, plays a key role in the regulation of cellular processes such as proliferation, cell survival and apoptosis. Dysregulation of the EGF receptor is associated with the development of various types of cancers, in particular lung cancer, which makes it one of the most important targets in cancer therapy.

Despite initial euphoria, the clinical results of the targeted tumor therapy were disillusioning. Patients who responded positively to TKI treatment with therapeutic agents of the previous generations suffered a recurrence due to drug resistance within a few months. As a result, there is a particular challenge in finding novel types of inhibitors that are able to circumvent such drug resistances.


Earlier positions:

  • Undergraduate assistant at the MVZ laboratory Dr. Niederau and colleagues, Dortmund
  • Bachelor studies in the group of Dr. Andreas Brunschweiger on the synthesis of a DNA-encoded small molecule library based on β-carbolines, TU Dortmund University
  • Research assistant in the group of Dr. Heinz Neumann, MPI Dortmund
  • Master studies at the medicinal chemistry-based optimization of covalent allosteric Akt inhibitors in the group of Prof. Dr. Daniel Rauh, TU Dortmund University.



  1. Škopić, M. K.; Bugain, O.; Jung, K.; Onstein, S.; Brandherm, S.; Kalliokoski, T.; Brunschweiger, A.. Design and synthesis of DNA-encoded libraries based on a benzodiazepine and a pyrazolopyrimidine scaffold. Med. Chem. Commun. 2016, 7 (10), 1957–1965.