Lisa Goebel, M.Sc.

Position: PhD Student

Room no.: CP-02-112

Telephone no.: +49 231 755 7056

Member of the group since: 05/2017

University degree: M.Sc. in Chemical Biology, TU Dortmund University


Expertise: organic synthesis, biochemical evaluation

Off-Lab activities (hobbies): cooking, sports, travelling, music

Research projects:

Ras proteins act as key regulators of many cellular processes including cell proliferation, survival and apoptosis. They do so by switching between an inactive GDP-bound and an active GTP-bound state, the latter of which can specifically activate several downstream signaling pathways. Mutations within Ras proteins that exhibit a defect in the switch mechanism and change the relative abundance of the active and inactive state represent major drivers in human cancer, but even 30 years after the initial discovery of the Ras oncogenes in 1982, cancers driven by mutated Ras remain untreatable by small molecule intervention. However, novel knowledge and approaches for direct targeting mutant Ras have recently been successfully developed and have created novel hope. The work comprises the structure-based design, synthesis and biochemical evaluation of modified nucleotide analogues that can covalently bind to an oncogenic variant of Ras.


Earlier Positions:

  • Bachelor studies at the TU Dortmund University in the group of Prof. Dr. Daniel Rauh on synthesis of covalent EGFR inhibitors
  • Training as a technical assistant in biology (BTA) at the Rheinische Akademie gGmbH Cologne (RAK)



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