Ina Landel, M.Sc.

Position: PhD student

Room no.: CP-02-114

Telephone no.: +49 (0)231 755 7052


Member of the group since: 11/2016

University degree: M.Sc. in Chemical Biology, TU Dortmund University


Earlier positions: Bachelor and Master studies in the group of Daniel Rauh on protein expression and crystallization of EGFR and MKK7

Expertise: protein expression and purification, protein crystallization, cellular assays

Off-Lab activities (hobbies): piano, cooking, DIY projects

Research projects:

Structure-based design and optimization of compounds in medicinal chemistry requires the existence of protein crystal structures in particular in complex with different ligands. In the case of the protein kinase AKT, which shows aberrant activity in several cancer types, we developed the approach of covalent-allosteric AKT inhibitors (CAAIs). Therefore, crystallization studies revealing the covalent bond formation and validating the predicted binding mode, provide opportunities for further compound optimization. In addition to co-crystallization of AKT, cellular characterization of CAAIs in different cancer cell lines is part of my project.